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Education takes on many forms in America; private, home school, and public education. Conservatives exist in every form of education delivery. Conservative teachers often feel marginalized in the profession. Believing that they are in the minority or that they do not have a voice, they often remain silent and do not speak out. Conservative Teachers of America is a place for conservatives, both teachers and concerned citizens, to speak out on education related issues.

Areas of Focus:

Give conservative teachers a voice.

Publish articles from conservatives in education

Encourage dialogue, think American Thinker for conservatives about education, not all conservatives are going to agree, but they can disagree respectfully. We are not the left.

Encourage teachers to leave the NEA and AFT and join professional teacher organizations.

Advocate for local control of schools.

Encourage opposition to Common Core State Standards

Promote quality professional development in the classroom.

Encourage conservatives to be informed on and involved with public education.

Promote history education that demonstrates the truth about America, both good and bad.

Review and promote good young adult literature.

Promote freedom of conscience inside of our schools

What does it mean to be a conservative?

Conservative is a word with a lot of definitions. The media and the American political left enjoys bottling us up into this little envelope, but the reality is there is a huge difference among conservatives in thought and beliefs. As a whole, we undoubtedly encompass 40% of the American people, and realistically 50-60% of the American people have conservative tendencies.

Conservatives are accused of being closed-minded, hating those that are not like us, and not believing in any positive change or progress. This perception is completely inaccurate. What really matters is the core of American conservatism. For us that is love of country, love of the constitution, an understanding of our history (both good and bad), support of republicanism, support of the rule of law, a belief in smaller government, and a preservation of the revolutionary spirit that completely changed the Western world.

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